Anchorage Capital Partners Ltd. ("ACP") was originally established in 2001 out of the management-buy-out of BlueStone Capital Partners (UK) Ltd., by Mr. Byrne and another Director of the company.  The MBO was orchestrated while ABN AMRO owned 25% of BlueStone's global operations and while the Company was vying for the number one spot as the world's largest online cross-border brokerage firm, 


As an investment management company, ACP focuses on both traditional asset management as well as more esoteric investments.  It has always maintained a close relationship with both the Music Industry and the Aviation world.  Not typical bedfellows but two industries in which ACP has a wealth of knowledge and background.  The Company which has a deep background in a number of consumer goods industries, along with aircraft and rail/mariner container financing, also advises a separate fund (Blue Ocean SCM) in the Asset Backed Securities ("ABS") arena that concentrates on these sectors.


We brought together an in-house team of consultants, corporate finance advisers and cross-border legal counsel, giving us in-house expertise in mergers & acquisitions, securitization of intellectual property and corporate finance deal structuring. 


We have also established a proprietary arm which allows us to develop, structure and co-invest in deals as principal.  We look for take-overs, M&A deals, roll-ups and buy-outs particularly, within the aviation and music industries, including manufacturing, distribution and associated technologies.



Global Bond Fund - ACP trades its own position in the global fixed income markets and has been outperforming the market annually since 2003.  The Fund concentrates on liquid corporate issues, convertible bonds, sovereign debt, EMG, MENA, SUKUK as well as Asset Backed Securities ("ABS").  We actively trade investment grade and high yield markets daily.


The principals of ACP are also responsible for structuring and developing The Guitar Fund, which was originally designed to be either listed on the Channel Island Securities Exchange (CISE) or as an SIF in Luxembourg, however it has been restructured as private equity deal in order to offer it out in smaller tranches to generational wealth managers. The Fund is designed to invest $100 million into the vintage guitar market, which has seen an average annual return of approximately 14% over the past 25 years.   



Registered Address:

20-22 Wenlock Road

London N1 7GU

United  Kingdom

Registration No.  11572466