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Within the Aviation arena, we foucus primarily on the aircraft spare parts (specifically Consumables & Expendables) and maintenance industries.  We view these aspects of the aviation business to be recession resistent since regardless of passenger traffic, aircraft are required to undergo the same amount of maintenance.






With the number of commercial aircraft poised to more than double over the next 25 years, proper maintenance with authenticated back to birth trace paperwork will always remain an essential aspect of the aviation industry.



....we are also focusing on the Music Industry.  This is a vast industry overlapping many others including  a number of different technology disciplines, such as manufacturing, recording, retailing, publishing and more.  We see both an expansion in the creative output in pure numbers globally as well as a consolidation in the manufacturing and distribution  sectors. 


The music industry's reputation has long been one  of a "Club" Mentality, however with technology making the world smaller, the inefficiencies of the music business are coming under pressure on the bottom line and CEOs are now pressed to find more winning strategies as their profit margins evaporate. 


ACIM is addressing these issues head on and  taking a broad view of the music market as a whole. 


Also, with the emergence of new Rapid Diagnostic technologies and Drug Delivery systems, the company is also beginning to evaluate young biopharmaceutical companies with novel approaches to these disciplines. 










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