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ACP's fixed income department is active in Corporates (all sectors), Sovereigns,  global Emerging Markets, High Yield and Convertible bonds.  We look at everything from AAA through B-, primarily in $, £, € deals, however our sweet spot is typically AA- / BB-.  We are also very active in the Sukuk NI market and look to expand our MENA business this year.

ACP has representative offices in the US and Hong Kong enabling the firm to capitalize on 24 hour market execution as well as real time Intel on these local markets. 


The Company's fixed income team rely on this global market awareness and its product development to help achieve its superior returns.


Since ACP is an independently owned firm, we have the flexibility to adjust our investment strategy along with the ever changing direction of the markets.  Our Capital Markets teams seeks a low volatility / high yield return while maintaining very strict risk management protocols. 


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